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Understanding Your Assignment of Benefits for Home Insurance and Business Property Insurance in Colorado

The Doctor Will See You Now

Outside of a life threatening emergency, before your medical provider will see you, the first thing they are going to ask for after finding out the type of care you are looking for is for your to provide your insurance to them. Before you can leave any medical facility, your insurance information and written consent must be provided to the medical provider to contact the insurance company on your behalf regarding your medical care.
The reason for this is simple. Your insurance company is not always knowledgeable or seeking your best interest, and the medical provider’s primary concern is restoring your health in the best way possible. They have years of education, certification experience not only as an expert in their field but also in dealing with insurance.

Different Standards

The same goes for your roofing contractor. Your insurance adjuster is not held to the same rigid standards of education, experience and certifications as a licensed roofing contractor. Because of this, your roofing contractor will often understand not only what is needed to make your home or business whole again, but the best way to do it and what the real costs are to provide you the materials that will restore it completely.
This is also why some roofing companies focus entirely (or as close to entirely as possible) on insurance claims – They pray on their lack of knowledge to make fraudulent insurance claims that get approved by an adjuster who is not educated enough or in some cases afraid to walk on the roof. These claims are typically for less money , and you probably know them from the news or their signs for Free Roofs. Knowledge and willful participation as a property owner or manager in Colorado in these scams are considered unlawful and can be charged as a 3rd Class Felony in the State of Colorado and should not be taken lightly.
Some other ways you can detect you are being sold a fraudulent insurance claim is from the pictures they present you with bent back shingles in a row to “demonstrate” wind damage. Wind never presents in a straight line. Another example is hail damage where it forms a semi circle where they hit the roof with a hammer in their circumference of reach. A Haag Certified Roofing Estimator is trained to be able to distinguish and educate you on what legitimate damage looks like when it presents itself and what mechanical damage, purposeful damage to your property done by a contractor to make a fake insurance claim, looks like and how you can tell the difference.

What’s Your Best Offer for My Mother’s Stroke?

When you have legitimate storm damage, the amount you “pay” to restore your home or business is the same whether you have the roofer operating out of his truck as his office and warehouse with illegal workers he pays under the table as the highest certified and established business. The cost to make your property whole again is simply your deductible.
In the same way, if your child’s arm was broken or your elderly mother was suffering from a stroke, you would not call 3-5 medical providers and ask them what their best offer was for the cast or the care needed during and after the stroke. That would be absurd. You have an insurance plan in place that allows you access to the best care, so you wouldn’t settle for less than best care possible from the best provider possible with a controlled cost because that is the purpose of insurance.

Why Does My Insurance Tell Me to Get At Least 3 Quotes

Because while you pay your deductible, your insurance provider pays for the restoration to making your business or home whole again.
Your insurance company is in the business of saving money in order to make more money.
They want you to do the leg work to save them money by finding a less qualified roofing contractor who will use cheaper materials, cheaper labor often through illegal labor or labor paid under the table to avoid taxes and fair wages, not show care and protection of your landscaping and property, and who will miss things such as water damage to your floors, drywall, siding, gutters, etc.
Your insurance company is familiar with these companies as well as reputable companies for roofing, but recognizes doing business with them may often cost them more.
They also know you have the right to choose your contractor. You also cannot have your insurance drop you for choosing the best contractor to restore your property. They also know that when you are offered a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to replace your roof, a qualified and ethical contractor will make sure they pay the fair amount to properly restore your home.

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